Brahms: Sämtliche Chorwerke

[...] the performances are of consistently high quality, showing obvious care for matters of ensemble detail that don't happen unless a group is well-rehearsed, musically aware, and sensitive to style and to the conductor's (and the composer's) many expressive demands. [...]
Brahms: Choral Works (Complete) | David Vernier,

This set is a major achievement for the Chamber Choir of Europe under the direction of Nicol Matt. This is true as they are a first-rate and progressive choir [...] Nicol Matt and his choir perform the six part-songs wonderfully with great warmth and with a fine feeling for the 'colour' of the music. [...] These works are a joy to hear and exploration will bring the listener many discoveries and hours of pleasure. Highly recommended.
Brahms: Choral Works (Complete) | Michael Cookson,  MusikWeb International


Torelli: Sämtliche Trompetenkonzerte

Hammes receives excellent support from the strings of the European Chamber Soloists under Nicol Matt [...] this set has been put together with evident care and first-class musicianship, beautifully recorded at the SWR studios. I heartily recommend it.
Torelli: Sämtliche Trompetenkonzerte | David Hurwitz, Externer Link


Brixi: Orgelkonzerte

[...] Nicol Matt's small ensemble performs with charm and elegance, exuding unforced stylistic grace and soft-grained beauty.
Brixi: Orgelkonzerte | Michael Carter, Fanfare Magazine Externer Link


Mendelssohn: Sämtliche Chorwerke

I have nothing but praise for the Chamber Choir of Europe and the Württembergische Philharmonie Reutlingen under Nicol Matt who can be well pleased with their memorable performances. The forces respond throughout the works with commendable spirit in interpretations that have enormous concentration, humanity and dignity. There is an abundance of drive and brilliance, subtlety and fine detailing [...]
Mendelssohn: Choral Works (Complete) | Michael Cookson,   MusicWeb International


John Rutter: I my Best Beloved's am

[...] This first rate ensemble - expertly directed by Nicol Matt - has full command not only of all the requisite technical skills, but shows a complete mastery of idiom and language. [...] the exemplary performances and terrific music will have you wishing the program were longer. More, please!
John Rutter: I my Best Beloved's am | David Vernier,